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I thought it might be helpful for those who have found me / or are looking for help in their immigration status to set out a little more about who I am, and what I can do.

If you have an immigration problem and are looking for professional and honest advice, then you have found the right site.

Paul’s goal is the same as yours, to resolve any immigration problem with the minimum of fuss and understands the stress clients go through in a way that only his experience can bring in dealing with the Home Office /Hostile Environment.

Paul, with his 22 years experience, in immigration is available to help you today, whatever your problem.

Paul is able to assist in all aspects of immigration from an iniitial conference to the Supreme Court. He has experience of dealing with not only vulnerable clients, but also in fighting against the Home Office and its hostile policies towards migrants. In addition to this he campaigns in favour of an amnesty and for the rights of migrants in the UK and outside.

In addition he is the head of Imperium Chambers and also co head of Barristers Hub Chambers and brings a commonsense and down to earth approach to problems that are often highly stressful to migrants and their families.

Paul is unique in that he provides a one stop shop from an initial chat, through making applications and appearing in Court. What makes him so unique is that he can guide throughout the mess that the Home Office has made through the constant changes to the Immigration Rules.

He also emplys a team which means that he can deal with clients who speak Urdu, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali, Albanian, French, Italian among other languages.

He is approachable and prides himself on fighting hard for the rights of all his clients.  He obtains results. This is due to him having over 20 years practising in Immigration and dedicating himself to prrotecting the rights of the vulnerable.

And he is only one call – email away.

Paul is an extremely experienced immigration and human rights barrister. He has over 20 years experience in this complicated area of law.

He is unique in that having worked for the Home Office and gaining some near 20 years fighting against the Home Office and Secretary of State’s policies, he can provide a start to end service. In practice, this means that you will be dealing with him from your initial meeting to any Court hearing and this gives him an insight to the case which traditionally was missing.

He is the Head of Imperium Chambers and has seen it grow and continue to grow over the last 6 years, to the point where not only are there other barristers who can help with family and civil matters, but he also has a dedicated and effecttive team to support him made up of barristers, though ultimately, the “buck” stops with him.

Paul prides himself on being able to identify problems and provide solutions not only to the legal problems but also the social problems that often follow from having to deal with the Home Office.

In short, Paul and his team are able to deal with all clients, whether it be a visit visa or an investor.

In additional Paul has developed an international practice and represents a number of high net worth clients, and has travelled from meeting the British Ambassador in Angola to advising the goverrnment of Antigua.

He also specialises in data protection and has a proven track record of “clearing” people from unfounded allegations which often hold up applications.

Paul Turner is a highly regarded direct access immigration barrister who has over 22 years experience in working with and mainly against the Home Office. if you have an immigration problem or a family member does than he can help. Please call 020 7 242 3488 or alternatively email him and he will help.

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