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immigration injunction cases

Immigration Injunctions

As a direct access immigration barrister, Paul has extensive experience in making last minute applications for injunctive relief, both on the telephone and pf244 application notice to the High Court and Court of Appeal. Paul also specialises in cases involving illegal detention and Habeas Corpus.

As a result of the changes in the way you can instruct a barrister, Paul is able to take instructions directly as a direct access barrister from members of the public.

He understands that if you, a family member or friend is detained, that this is a time of great stress. Often the person detained will be facing removal and there will not be much time to obtain legal help.

You will want to be able to contact an experienced professional who you can trust has the individual’s best interests at heart and knows what they are doing.

Paul has been successfully making applications for injunctions for over 10 years. He is called upon regularly to make telephone applications to both the High Court and Court of Appeal and is available 24 hours/ 7 days a week. Being a direct access immigration barrister he is able to handle every step of this sensitive progress.