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As a direct access immigration barrister in London I am often asked to assist clients with their Tier 1 Visa applications. Nevertheless, more often than I have found cases where there are missing documents to be frustrating and challenging to win at the Tribunal stage. The first thing I would recommend, particularly after the Supreme Case of Mandalia is go get advice at an early stage to ensure success.

On 16th October Tech City UK announced the Tech Nation Visa Scheme, which has been agreed by the Home Office after calls from the technology sector that present government legislation was too restrictive and prevented talent coming to the UK, thereby inhibiting industry development.

The proposals for the new scheme improve the ‘Exceptional Talent’ visa criteria in the current framework, creating 4 new guidelines for admission:

Scale up
This enables UK companies acquire talent for the purpose of growth, this include taking a company the IPO stage. Moreover, the changes will allow for a scale-up fast-track route that will enable rapidly growing companies to access the right talent quickly to harness their market growth.

Recognising exceptional promise
Under the previous scheme only leading experts with strong track records or awards would be considered in this category. The new framework will allow for applications from individuals that demonstrate ‘Exceptional Promise’, a criterion that aims to open the route to a broader base of aspiring talent from outside the EU.

Northern fast-track
New guidelines will allow for the creation of a fast-track applications procedure for digital businesses in the seven cities (Hull, Leeds, Liverpool, Manchester, Newcastle, Sheffield and Sunderland).