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As a direct access immigration barrister who is based in London and who heads up a dynamic team / chambers – Imperium Chambers – I have had a lot of enquiries from those who have been subject to paragraph 322(5) of the Immigration Rules HC395 refusals – based largely on suspicion. I decided that due to the volume of such enquiries and that there was a considerable degree of overlap to offer a reduction of 50% of the consultation fee for a short period. It struck me that this was an offer that ought, in the duty of fairness, to be extended for anyone who wants a consultation.

Therefore from today (6 October 2016 until 14 October 2016) anyone who books a consultation will qualify for 50% of the initial consultation and also a reduced rate off any appeal, application or judicial review. I understand that in today’s climate migrants, do not, as far as I am aware have universal suffrage. If there is anything we can do to assist we await your call.