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As a direct access immigration barrister based in London the world can often seem a small place, either Taylor House or Hatton Cross coupled with the Upper Tribunal and the Higher Courts and seeing clients in chambers. However today while in the back of a black taxi I was talking about government changes to the difficulty it is in bringing people into the United Kingdom when the driver turned around and asked if I was an Immigration barrister. I asked what made him think that and he said that I had represented a relative of his and he had attended the appeal and recognised his voice.

Then having heard my voice and put a name to me he then discussed how impressed he was with my performance and that I had taken him and the other witnesses outside and spoken to them honestly about the case, which apparently, was the first time this had happened.

The outcome remains pending.

The highlight here being that it is a small world, I hope that the cab driver if he has any other friends will recall our conversation. It was certainly an odd journey.

If you have an immigration problem, or are concerned about your status in the UK please do not leave it until the last minute or until detention before seeking to resolve the problem. Please call the office number and arrange a conference, the one thing I will promise you is that the advice given will be 100% truthful. I do not believe that there is any benefit in seeking to deceive people who are both vulnerable and desperate.