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As a direct access immigration barrister practising from a number of sets, I have deliberately kept Imperium small. It is committed to providing and growing the junior bar and has more work than it can handle and has been like this since I set it up.

Our first pupil Mr Jay Gajjar successfully completed his pupillage and was granted a waiver of part of it as a result of the recognition of his excellence, as shown by last week where he succeed on at least three occasions in the Upper Tribunal against testing Judges, our second pupil, Mrs Kareesha Maitaram is now entering her second six and is itching to get on her feet and we are interviewing for both a new clerk / paralegal and the pupils for the years 2018/2019. I have believed that having a two year program of recruitment allows us to plan for the future and gives the potential pupil the opportunity of spending time with us and getting a feel as to whether Chambers is really for them.

Notwithstanding that we now have three full time member of chambers as well as close relationships with other barristers to whom we regularly return, now is the time whereby we would be interested to see if anyone wishes to join, this could be on either a trial basis or as a door / quasi door tenant. Our goal is to increase in size to between 7 and 10 and to provide the support staff to support such numbers, including clerks and paralegal(s).

We are based in Bedford Row. We have space to work and space for clients. Our building is within minutes walk of Taylor House and a five minute walk from the Upper Tribunal / High Court and Holborn. We offer a very competitive rent and percentage structure, both in respect of what you want and what we can provide. Flexibility is the key. Some prefer to organise their own diary (we run Lex) and send their own fee notes rather than relying on other people.

As mentioned above, we have a surplus of work on a number of days, often I have been in Court 8 times in a week and I know Jay has equally or exceeded that recently. We also specialise in Direct Access work. We understand clients’ needs and have been dealing with direct access clients since we were permitted to. One of the greatest joys is getting someone a temporary visa, then having them come back to seek a visa within the Rules, then ILR followed up by nationality. Indeed I have had some around 10 people come to me in the last few months who when I met had no status are now poised to be or have just become British. From a personal perspective there is little more rewarding than this.

As to our ethos, it is firmly driven by the belief that those who wish to migrate and contribute to society ought to be permitted to. While I have worked for the Home Office, all this did was give me information I might otherwise not have gained, if anyone else has worked for the Home Office this is certainly no bar, indeed some of the information I gained working for the Home Office has plainly given me an edge over competitors.

Any enquiries will be dealt with in the strictest confidence.

Paul Turner is an experienced and highly regarded direct access immigration barrister also licensed to practice litigation and has a team of 4 to help make any problem appear its true size. He is the head of Imperium Chambers, a boutique, possibly the first, set designed to help direct clients who do not want a solicitor and who want direct access with a barrister who was called in 1998 and has been practising immigration since 1999. I am also a member of the excellent set of Tony Metzer QC, Goldsmith Chambers, based in the Temple. He can be contacted on 0207 242 3488.