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As a direct access immigration barrister one of the hardest things to do is to keep on top of the clients and their expectations. Clients come to me usually after they have been let down and its not far to removal or the end of the road. One thing that jumps out is that they need help and regular contact.

I have thought long and hard as to what the best solution would be. Jay is now a pupil working and while he will make an excellent barrister he is no clerk.

It struck me that what was needed, but would not come cheap was my own clerk. Normally barristers have clerks in ratios of many to one but I have thought that it would be better to have one person dedicated to a. ensuring that clients get the best service and b. I am freed up to work on the cases rather than doing administrative work.

To this end I have decided to find a full time clerk.

I hope to update you all in the next week at all.

I am looking for a person who understands all aspects of dealing with direct access clients, dealing with solicitors, setting fees and liaising with the Courts. If this sounds like you would like to give it a go get in touch. The salary and holidays will be competitive. Whilst the set is small one clerk will suffice once we have around 5 we will look for a junior.

I believe that a clerk will greatly enhance chambers and will lead to more success and more importantly provide better and faster communication with clients. I have heard from clients that one of the problems is that they just can’t get an update on their case. This will end this. It will allow me to provide a seamless service. One that will hopefully lead to happier and more successful clients.

Paul Turner is a highly regarded direct access immigration barrister and is the head of Imperium Chambers, Grays Inn Buildings, Grays Inn, WC1r 5ET, he also practises from Goldsmith Chambers, the chambers of Anthony Metzer QC and a door tenant at 39 Park Square Leeds LS1 2NU and is licensed by the Bar Council to litigate and to provide advice and representation directly to the public.