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As a direct access immigration barrister based in London most of my work entails those who are in the UK or who want to come to the United Kingdom and who cannot for one reason or another, this is not such a case.

However, as anyone who has read my blogs over the last few years will know I and Imperium specialise in working in other areas of law, I was in Angola not so very long ago meeting with the British Ambassador to sort out of a visa and was in Zurich and Nice  in respect of some commercial matters and Antigua to advice on money laundering.

As a result these commercial matters I have been to Poland some 3 times in the last month or so. The nature of this work is of a highly sensitive nature, however I have been called up during Thursday and been asked to attend on Friday and have been able to make the meeting(s).

This looks to be the start of a long term relationship and one that highlights that as well as seeking to resolve those who are seeking to enter or remain in the United Kingdom we are able to assist those who have other sensitive issues.