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Man relieved. So good result for the Convert not being given the opportunity to see just how tolerant these third world countries are to religious converts. Anyway, here is a chap who will not be putting it to the test tonight.

As a direct access immigration barrister one is often given the last minute injunction. This client has had two very very close calls with the “chicken and beef” brigade. However this was one case which was one everyone in the Imperium Dream Team. The client is a straight and honest individual and one cannot ask for much more than that – oh and that they pay you. This case owed a great deal to Kareesha Rai who has been proving herself around the office and Court. There is a lot to go and I discovered a new found power of paralysis – appear in Court while she is talking, works as well with Mr Gajjar another star at Imperium.

Imperium continues to grow both with those working with us and new solicitors, its time now for a move, as to where I am sure we will all have a view point, strange that there can be only 9 or so of us in the office yet often 10 or 11 views.

This is a light hearted post given over to the relief and team work that made the fantastic result possible. It was a truly good day and followed on from last week where we won some on the spot and got some good permission grants.