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Nicholas Padfield QC granted permission to apply in two cases ending last week and beginning this week on the issue of removability, which as a direct access immigration barrister, was an affirmation of arguments I have been running for a while now. The cases involved an Iranian and an Iraqi. I had run the argument that removability was a relevant factor that needed to be considered in the paragraph 395C and Chapter 53 consideration. The Judge on Friday was at first a little sceptical about this argument but was persuaded that the issue was arguable. This, in my view, could have a fairly wide impact on other judicial review cases. I have recently been through the additional evidence provided by the ever helpful Solange Valdez of Sutovic and Hartigan and have found an email from Emily Miles in August 2009 which also makes direct reference to the issue of removability and am keen to see how this issue develops.

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