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As a direct access immigration barrister I have seen many changes in immigration law over the last 17 years of working in immigration. Someone once asked me why I do it, and the simple answer was that I enjoy it. I have the privilege of working with people and making a positive change in the lives.

One of the benefits of being a direct access barrister based in the heart of London is that we are able to respond to short term / last minute requests for help. We have been able to lodge JR applications within a few hours of instruction where the client faces removal.

I have been referred clients from Judges, the Home Office, interpreters as well as other clients.

This has lead to a growth in my work. Conventional chambers has been unable to deal with the demand nor process the applications in a manner as quick as I would like. I understand that a lot of my clients are scared and have been living in fear. Again I was reminded this week to see a grown man cry because he could not bring his family over to live with him. Beforehand he was composed but like so many clients before a Judge and asked a few simple questions and he broke down.

He has a case that I think is compelling and crucially was well prepared. This is the moral of the story which is preparation. And it was in ensuring that cases were properly prepared that I created Imperium Chambers with Nishan Paramjothy.

Now Imperium Chambers has a full time clerk, Ian Kitchen, previously the youngest senior head clerk, two door tenants to help cover work which is outside London, a pupil, a paralegal and a commercial consultant.

Chambers has changed completely since we started it a year ago. More is to come. Watch this space.

Next up on the site is having a live chat facility and pay on line for consultation facility.

As the government cracks down on migrants we intend to ensure that those who are most at risk are protected to the full extent of the law.

If you or a loved one is frightened or wants some immigration advice feel free to contact me and my team – quote Growth 10 and you will receive 10% of any work we do for you.

I look forward to hopefully seeing some of you in our boutique set.