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As a direct access immigration barrister having worked in this field for many years I have noticed that there is essentially a gap in the market for a set of barristers supported by qualified or trainee lawyers to provide a service directly to the public

It was with this in my mind that I set up Imperium Chambers, a specialist boutique set that primarily deals with immigration but also specialises in other areas, please see next blog for some of other work.

While this is possible at present through the means of a current established set, my experience is that they are not geared up for the particular needs of direct access clients. Whereas with regular sets the work tends to come through solicitors in direct access cases often the client will attend with family, children, friends and other support, this can mean that there are 4 – 5 people dealing with one case.

In a conventional set with spatial limitations a great number of direct access clients can get in the way.

Also I have noticed that a lot of my clients come to me after they have had their cases poorly handled by solicitors with little or no immigration experience.

It struck me and the team of experts at Imperium Chambers that what was needed was a set whereby direct access clients, along with solicitors can enjoy the benefits of a set, experienced and expert Counsel along with the space and time needed for them to properly explain their problems / concerns.

It is this that has lead Imperium Chambers to taking on dedicated premises in addition to our central London base in South West London. We have designed and created a space that we believe will help put nervous clients at ease while providing a professional atmosphere in which their problems can be solved or at the very least helped.

Much is being done behind the scenes, including some targeted expansion work, we are seeking to expand slowly and only with expert Counsel / lawyers and to look across the legal spectrum to recruit not only from Applicants who have worked with migrants but those with Home Office experience as this will offer, we believe a more rounded approach to our clients.

The opening will be in early June, we will be hosting events and further information will be provided closer to the time, though at present we at Imperium Chambers are excited at this new step and what it will offer not only solicitors but also direct access migrants.

We believe specialisation and expertise are the way forward and our results we hope bear this out.

If you have any immigration problems or are merely thinking of making the UK your home please feel free to contact me or my team on 020 7242 3488. We are here to help.

Paul Turner is a highly regarded direct access immigration barrister licensed to provide immigration advice to the public by the BSB and is the head of Imperium Chambers.