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They say, open the door and the people will come, and I can truly say as a direct access immigration barrister that the same occurs in the legal world. Following on from my previous blood, 2015 was Imperium’s first year and it enjoyed successes in transforming the lives of many. As we walk in to 2016, Imperium’s second calendar year, we look to expand and reach out to many more.


I am pleased to announce that Imperium will soon be seeing the arrival of a dedicated clerk to provide a point of contact both for solicitors and direct access clients. On top of this, Imperium looks to expanding its team of administrative staff with a recruitment drive for paralegals to provide a complete, seamless service. One of the comments made by clients is that they sometimes struggle to get through to me or my team. I listened. I thought. The answer came to me almost simultaneously, and from a number of sources. Jay Gajjar suggested a full time clerk, I had tried with someone who sadly it did not work out with and at the same time the excellent, dedicated and hardworking Zahab Jamali of the Farani Taylor also suggested the same thing. When two people you trust say something its time to sit up and take note. Notes were duly taken and hopefully early February 2015 Imperium will have its own dedicated and experienced clerk. Never will the phone being unanswered again.


I am also delighted to deliver the news that Imperium Chambers has been approved by the Bar Standards Board as an approved training organisation; this means that it, as a chambers, is now in a position to train recently-qualified barristers to represent clients in the Tribunals and Courts. I consider this to be a privilege and duty of great importance; as barristers we are trusted with the lives of our clients and key issues that are central to their being and I am keen to play a part in training the next generation of barristers to provide a second-to-none service that respects the law and the best interests of its clients.


I am particularly pleased by the BSB approving Imperium to provide training for the next generation of the bar. Watch this space. There is a financial commitment to do so. I look to stretch myself in order to provide as much training as I possibly can. For me the bar is unique, it is independent, sometimes you may not like the advice but more often than not it will be the truth unvarnished and as you need to hear it.


Again watch this space for the new or rather the first Imperium advert for recruitment for pupils. For me even though there is a financial commitment to funding pupillage it is the moral responsibility of those who are blessed to be established to help.

Paul Turner is a highly regarded direct access immigration barrister and is the head of Imperium Chambers, Grays Inn Buildings, Grays Inn, WC1r 5ET, he also practises from Goldsmith Chambers, the chambers of Anthony Metzer QC and a door tenant at 39 Park Square Leeds LS1 2NU and is licensed by the Bar Council to litigate and to provide advice and representation directly to the public.