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I was in Court yesterday when someone approached me and said that one of the sites that they followed was my blog, my blog as a direct access immigration barrister, largely records changes in the law both those that are likely to happen or have and also comments on cases so as to hopefully help people find a way out of are often stressful and worrying situations.

It was to this end that I created Imperium Chambers, the purpose of this small blog was to say that Imperium Chambers will be running and updating its own blog on a more recent basis and should be worth a read. It will be covering the development of the set of chambers, Imperium is based in the centre of legal London and has excellent transport links and dedicated staff and conference features.

The address is www.Imperiumchambers.co.uk, have a look and if you or a family member need help you could do worse than get in touch.

The purpose for setting up the set was to create a small boutique set that caters only for clients who we consider have something to say, there are lots of people who have been ripped off notwithstanding the Asylum and Immigration Act 1999, s.84 which sought to limit who could give immigration advice. So far we have done well and many people refer,