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As a direct access immigration barrister who has been representing clients since the Rules changed I have seen many changes, I have seen Judicial Review make the transition from the Administrative Court to the Upper Tribunal amongst other changes. I have seen a growth in those practising as direct access immigration barristers.

One of the first challenges to be faced was support. Success breeds success. I have been able to deliver good results to clients and have had numerous referrals. There are regular readers of this site and also there are those who come to me be being referred. I have been surprised as to those who have referred, I have had amongst others those who make decisions on claims both at an original level and also at a higher level. I have also had those who now enjoy the benefit of leave to remain and now no longer need to look over the shoulder any more.

My first step in this was to employ a paralegal. This assisted with the day to day management of files and paperwork and was a lifesaver. This bred more work and lead to the creation of Imperium Chambers along with another like minded and experienced direct access immigration barrister.

The greatest step so far was the employment of a full time clerk. There was some concern at the outset that only a few barristers required the services of a clerk and some debate. However from April we have had a full time clerk and this has been an enormous help and hopefully has lead to clients getting answers and someone to speak to far more quickly than before. I understand that one of the most frustrating aspects of being a migrant is the uncertainty, ie is the Home Office going to refuse my application, are they going to grant it, are they going to reject it, what are the prospects of success, can I work etc. Having someone full time to answer calls should alleviate this.

Both the original tenants of Imperium took the pupillage supervisor training. We did this out of a belief that the bar needs to grow and while it is a burden to shoulder if the next generation of barristers is not trained then the bar will wither away.

Having done this we have recruited our first pupil who is finding his feet and there remains an unfilled spot for April 2017.

Still the work has arrived and this has lead us to taking a couple of interns with a view to hiring another full time paralegal.

Chambers has and continues to receive requests for work from the north and has therefore recruited a couple of door tenants from Leeds. More on these tenants will be forthcoming on the Imperium blog and site which is being worked over by our own expert web designer Richard Hartley of Big Red Rocket.

The consequences of all of this is that theimmigrationbarrister has grown from being a truly one man show to having 5 – 6 people working in a support role, this enables me to be able to bring a much better service to clients.

Most immigration problems, whether they be entry clearance or alternatively appeals to the Court of Appeal, are often among the biggest problems people will face. I believe that our growth and the team that awaits your call offers a service that is hard to beat. Having a team of dedicated support staff means that I am able to concentrate on giving advice. Most problems turn on a single or at best couple of issues, I am able with this support to focus on these issues and best advise on how to deal with them.

If you or your family have an immigration problem or just wish to discuss something immigration based please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.