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As a direct access immigration barrister who helped set up the boutique immigration set Imperium Chambers is happy to be able to take a breath and update readers of the blog as to what has been going on.

Time flies when you are busy and in the case of Imperium Chambers we have both being growing and as well as growing our first pupil has now got onto his feet. This is something that has come round far quicker than I had imagined. All of us at Imperium Chambers is looking forward to recruiting further pupils as when we can.

It is the ethos of Imperium Chambers that barristers, particularly those who are able to litigate and carry out direct access work, offer a viable alternative to the old fashioned way of doing things through solicitors. Furthermore Imperium Chambers believes it is the duty of those who are established at the bar to assist the junior end or those who are looking for pupillage. There are a great number of people who deserve a chance to show what they can do yet have been prevented due to a combination of legal aid changes and other changes in the way in which litigation is conducted.

Imperium Chambers believes that by taking on pupils and encouraging them lays down the lawyers of the future. While it might be seen as a sacrifice at first in reality it is not as often having a pupil can be a way of reminding oneself of a. how lucky one is and also b. the basics that we take for granted.

Personally I hope that we are in a position to grow and take our small part in the training of the next generation of barristers. Whilst our contribution is tiny at least we contribute. I think that those who only look inwards doom themselves and the independent bar. Since the inception of Imperium Chambers we have found that there is a real need for a boutique service providing the highest quality legal work to those who need it most.