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The last week, which turned out to be a three day working week, was one of the most exciting, enjoyable and evocative weeks that I have had as a direct access immigration barrister, practising in London and England and Wales.

I am proposing to write a series of short blogs over the next few days but the highlights of this week include:

  1. The granting of permission to apply for judicial review for two unlawful detention cases;

  2. The granting of substantive JR in a rolled up JR hearing in the absence of the Home Office in respect of a woman’s 100th birthday party;

  3. A successful Administrative Review in which the client was granted his visa, rather than the pro forma refusals that lead to JR;

  4. A Judge accepting that the allegations of a sham marriage were ill founded, and

  5. The week ended with an injunction / removal directions cancelled due to “procedural errors” which when pressed by the Court turned out to be “oops we forgot to serve the relevant removal directions”.

All of this was on top of seeing new and existing clients and submitting further applications on behalf of existing clients.

As a direct access immigration barrister I have realised more and more that the key to being successful in the field of immigration and direct access is having a dedicated team behind you. I am extremely fortunate that as well as growing Imperium Chambers from a dream of just two barristers we have expanded, taken on and successfully trained our first pupil who is now a tenant and have another pupil in training, on top of having highly skilled paralegals that would give many a junior barrister a run for their money.

If you, a family member of someone you know has an immigration problem or is living under the spectre of detention and removal, please get in contact with either me, some one else in my team or reputable and arrange a conference as soon as possible. I cannot stress how important it is to make any application as soon as possible given the possibility of the Conservative Party being re-elected with a much larger majority.