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As a direct access immigration barrister praising in London when I started the thought of a client returning to their home country to make an application to return to the United Kingdom was as rare a thought as there being two suns and the idea of an individual returning abroad was about as realistic a prospect as there being 3 suns. Simply it was not going to happen. Clients would, with my help, fight in country to win their case. Now the situation has turned and clients are now in increasing but in very small numbers to at least the discussion as to whether one can return home and make a new application.

Fortunately applications under Appendix FM are not covered by the bans on re-entry and so individuals who go and return often find themselves with 5 year visas as opposed to 2.5 year visas renewable 4 times and without the stress.

I realise its a big risk – however the method the team at Imperium has developed for this is to prepare the application from the UK and then having prepared the application entered it on line and then before actually pressing the enter button arranging for the individual and often their partner to return whereby then we press enter and book an express or priority lounge appointment and then drop off the supporting documents.

At Imperium we run a 3 way check on the documents in order to assure that nothing slips through which would otherwise cause problems. The outcome so far as been that the individual has returned lawfully and in line with the Immigration Rules and enjoys all the benefits that this brings.

Having said this, we recognise that there are those who are frightened and will not return, their cases are much harder but are not impossible and with application and commitment often lead to success. It is however a stressful process and one that I would caution against unless there is no other option.

If you or a family member has any sort of immigration problem please get in touch with a reputable lawyer or feel free to contact me, I have been acting as a direct access immigration barrister for years and am dedicated to providing the best possible service to my clients.

Paul Turner is an experienced and highly regard direct access immigration barrister who is the head of Imperium Chambers , 32 Beford Row, London, WC1R 4HE, 07432 101 211 or 0207 242 3488 and a member of the chambers of Goldsmith Chambers, the Temple the chambers of Tony Metzer QC and who can be contacted 7 days a week for assistance.