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As a direct access immigration barrister I wanted to write a short post explaining that we had achieved another client retaining their liberty.

As in line with the previous blog we have taken to offering as a service the attendance on the Home Office of one of our highly experienced and qualified team. We have had a fair few enquiries and this individual was faced with being removed very quickly from the UK if detained.

Thankfully they had come to see us before and we were able to ensure that they were not detained. It was again not easy as the Home Office had gone to some length to ensuring that he would be detained and removed. However after much argument he was released.

If you or a loved one or family member has an outstanding application and you are worried about the outcome it might be worth coming to see me or if not me or my highly trained staff and as I have mentioned we have been running late night and weekend sessions to deal with applications / conferences in order to fit in around people’s busy lives.