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As a direct access immigration barrister running a team of specialist lawyers we operate a 7 day a week / 24 hour service for emergencies.

It struck me a while ago, when I was facing problems of my own, that the worry did not go away at the weekend, in fact the worry and fear would be worse at the weekend as I would not be working and have less things to distract myself.

I have been contacted on a regular basis by people who have problems during the evening and at weekends. What usually is the problem is that other lawyers shut their doors at 1700 / 1800 and then do not re-open until the weekend.

Likewise on bank holidays, easter and Christmas we are available to help.

Sometimes hearing the voice of a lawyer can be reassuring especially if you have a good case.

I am writing this as I had a call recently from an individual whose lawyer gave me some cause for concern and they had been spending the weekend reading blogs and immigration forums. This did not have the desired effect as everyone has their own view and some of the views are not correct.

Again a call to a lawyer can help, if you instruct a lawyer and they give you the wrong advice, if you instruct them there are processes by which you can seek redress.

To this end and over the last while we have been operating evenings and weekends, we have had success at stopping at last minute removals, as well as providing more relaxed advice. Sometimes the call will lead to a face to face conference.

I had a call from a client one weekend who stayed with me for 2 years, we made a number of applications which lead in the end to an EU residence permit and a grateful client. When handing over the residence permit I asked, why me? and it was that I answered the phone in the evening. He had been working during the day and was unable to call a lawyer until the evening, he had a great case but did not want to discuss it in front of work mates.

If you have a problem, you do not have to call during the day. We will answer the phone, subject to being awake and not tied up 24/7 and if you cannot get through text us with your number and a brief reason why you need help and we will call you back. I cannot stress how much the text message helps. It provides the telephone number and a few words which can often save a lot of time and confusion.

If you or a family member are worried about your immigration status, the government is making things tougher and I would advise you get advice as soon as possible, I would also advise that you seek professional advice, even if it is only for a conference to hopefully put your mind at rest.

I look forward to hearing from you.