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As a direct access barrister I have never before offered a discount in respect of any consultation nor offered a discount for JRs. The reason for this is that I am representing a lot of clients who have had problems with tax payments in the past and who have sought to put right the problem by getting in touch with HMRC prior to making any application, often an application for Indefinite Leave to Remain (“ILR”).

Due to volume of cases coming through and a. they raise the same issue and b. I feel for the clients who have been caught out. Due to a mistake made often not on their behalf many years ago by their accountants, or more often than not their accountants, instead of being granted ILR they have been refused leave under paragraph 322(5) of the Immigration Rules HC395 (as amended). Obviously with the new Immigration Rules there is no right of appeal and they are stuck facing going home or going for JR.

I feel particularly for this group given that the refusal is a discretionary one, under paragraph 322(5) of the Immigration Rules HC395, that the Home Office and the Secretary of State is ignoring the representations made on their behalf and just issuing refusals which do not, I have not seen as yet, given the Applicants the benefits of the doubt.

As a result I have decided to offer a 50% discount on the consultation fee and a very special price on the JR if one is required, i.e. the Home Office does not back down.

Please if you or a family member finds themselves trapped in this situation please feel to get in touch and see if I can help, it might be I cannot on the other hand given the number of cases I am handling, it might be one of the best calls you can make (see the previous couple of posts whereby I won an IT Verticals Ltd case against all the odds).

Paul Turner is a highly regarded direct access immigration barrister and is the head of Imperium Chambers, Grays Inn Buildings, Grays Inn, WC1r 5ET, he also practises from Goldsmith Chambers, the chambers of Anthony Metzer QC and is licensed by the Bar Council to litigate and to provide advice and representation directly to the public.