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This was an exceptionally good week for me (and some of my clients) as a direct access immigration barrister as this week, and it was only a short week given  that it was Easter I received 5 resident permits for clients. This is an excellent week. All the clients had in my view excellent but very different cases, one was a case where the clients had been in the UK for over 10 year years but where an Immigration Judge had wrongly rejected their case on the basis that they could return home, another was where I had made an application based upon the client having a child who was over seven years old. My favourite result was the client who had made an application for leave under the much maligned legacy scheme. I had lodged a JR claim claim the refusal under paragraph 353B of the immigration rules which lead to the Secretary of State refusing the application. The Secretary of State agreed to reconsider and we submitted further material. I was expecting another refusal and then the need for another JR so it was with some relief and no little surprise that I received a letter informing me that the client was being granted leave to remain.

Its been a good week across the board, compounded by the grant of permission by the Upper Tribunal on Thursday in an Iranian article 8 fresh claim.

Paul Turner is a highly regarded direct access immigration barrister practising from Mansfield Chambers, the Chambers of Michael Mansfield QC, 5 Chancery Lane, London, WC2A 1LG and a door tenant at 39 Park Square Leeds LS1 2NU and is licensed by the Bar Council to provide advice and representation directly to the public.