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As a direct access barrister working closely with the Highly Skilled Migrant group I have been put in touch with a touching case that was adjourned as the barrister could not attend. LJ Underhill recognising the number of cases, which are often settled, has ordered the case to be heard in July at my convenience.

This is an excellent opportunity to run my arguments.

Perhaps more importantly it raises two other issues, one expediting the case so it can be heard quickly and secondly, I am going to be making an application for a right to work for all those who have caught up in this manifestly unfair system.

I will also be asking questions regarding the “hidden” at least from the Migrants the policy by which the cases are determined – because how can an individual know if their case was treated fairly under the policy.

I am going to be arguing the wrong rule, policy, failure to exercise all relevant factors.

This is an excellent opportunity to gauge the Court’s reaction and to try to get back Migrant’s ability to work and support their families.

If you or a member of your family have been effected by 322 (5) please get in touch, I am working evenings and weekends to deal with enquiries.

Outside London, no problem. As the government like to say, modern means of communication can mean a telephone conference supported (if possible) is as effective as a face to face conference in this limited type of challenge. I have worked with people in Newcastle on Sunday and Birmingham today.

If you or a family member is caught up in this scandal, please get in touch. Sooner rather than later, I will fit you in no matter what time it suits you.

Paul Turner is the head of Imperium Chambers and is a highly commended direct access immigration barrister. He has a team of other barristers to help so even if Paul is in Court you will be brought up speed with your case